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  "Care Without Compromise"

Staffing at Cartref Celtiadd

Celtic Care home in Swansea

The Home will always be staffed with a minimum of two staff at wakeful times with a sleep-in member of staff during the night. However staffing levels are subject to change depending on the assessment of needs, we will therefore staff the Home accordingly in line with Care Home (Wales) Regulations 2002 and Regulation 18 whilst bearing in mind the needs of the individual service users concerned.

Staff will be trained to meet the service users needs and to recognise when they have changed, and appropriate action regarding training will be taken accordingly.

The Proprietor/ Responsible Individual is Mr Geoffrey Parry. Mr Parry is a local businessman with many years experience in business matters. He is fully committed to the Home and the Service Provision .

The Manager of the Home is Mrs Christine Parry who has vast experience with this service user group and is a qualified Social Worker. Chris also worked as a Care Home Inspector for many years.

  • Regulation Of Care Services Award
  • Certificate In Social Services
  • POVA
  • PBM
  • Manual Handling
  • Epilepsy
  • Death and Dying
  • H.A.C.C.P.
  • Advanced Food Hygiene
  • C.O.S.S.H.
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Fire Awareness
  • Health and Safety
  • Boots MDS Training
  • Touch Trust Session Leader

Staff Structure

Mrs C Parry - General Manager Celtic Care(Swansea) Ltd & Manager Cartref Celtiadd
Mrs L Barber - Deputy Manager
9 Care Workers

All staff have received PBM, service user specific , and all of the core required training (Care Council for Wales) as part of their Induction Training.

Staff Training

The staff at the Home will be trained to a minimum QCF level 2 in Health and Social Care as a minimum. It is intended that all staff progress their training as they and the company wish. Potential staff who do not wish to train will not be employed at the Home as the company view training as a vital issue and paramount to the quality of the service provided.

Staff will also receive training in behaviour management. Restraint will only ever be used in extreme circumstances. Where there may be a need for such practice this would have been discussed and agreed with the service user, their representative and Care Manager at the initial assessment meeting, and reviewed as appropriate. De-escalation techniques will be used where appropriate. Issues relating to behaviour management would be incorporated in to the individuals Care Plan and, as such, it is expected that any such management would be resolved prior to the need for restraint .

Clinical Support

At Celtic Care (Swansea) Ltd, we believe that all individuals should live as normal a life as possible and that medication should not be used to enable staff to manage individuals. Staff are trained in PBM and also have received training from the Psychology team to assist in supporting individuals with prescribed systems in place to recognize when more support is required in order to maintain a safe environment for all concerned. The overall purpose of this training is to work with staff at all levels within the company to contribute to the development and delivery of quality social care that meets the needs of service users and carers.

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